Kneel To The King

Royal Shiba has already distributed Shiba Inu tokens worth a total of 4 billion and 46 million at a value of $43,053 🐕

Where meme meets royalty and rewards flow like a majestic river. Dive into a kingdom where fortunes rise, Shiba Inu rewards shower, and where every holder wears a crown. Buckle up, it's not just a token; it's a Royal revolution! 👑 #RuleTheShibaKingdom

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OUR Roadmap

Royal Shiba Strategy and Project Plan

Phase 1

Genesis of the Kingdom

Royal Shiba Token Creation Establishment of Royal Shiba Website
Launch of Royal Shiba's Telegram & Twitter socials
Phase 2

The Grand Entrance

PinkSale Fairlaunch Event
Renouncing Ownership
Extending Liquidity Lock-Up
Phase 3

Ensuring Trust and Integrity

Acquiring a Comprehensive Token Audit
Expanding the Royal Shiba Community
Initiating Collaborative Outreach Efforts
Phase 4

Strengthening Alliances

Partnership with Shiba Inu Communities
Alliance with Royal Pepe Community
Strategies for Enhanced Token Volume and Rewards
Phase 5

Expanding Territories

Broadening Social Media Footprint
Establishment of New Social Media Channels
Community Engagement Events and Activities
Phase 6

Artistic Reign

Launch of the Exclusive Royal Shiba NFT Collection
Collaborations with NFT Artists and Influencers
Promotions and Auctions for Unique NFT Pieces
Phase 7

Enhancing the Royal Treasury

Introduction of the Royal Staking System
Engagement Events for Stakers and Long-term Holders
Expansion of Token Utility and Use-Cases
  • 10% Buy/Sell Tax
  • 5% Goes Diamond Holders as Shiba Inu Tokens
  • 5% Marketing & Development

The Most Generous King

10% Buy/Sell Taxes 5% Goes Diamond Holders as Shiba Inu Tokens 5% Marketting & Development

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Fair Distribution Total Suplly Burn/LP&Ecosystem Use Fairlaunch Events&Partnerships 400.000.000 Marketting 400.000.000 Team 200.000.000 Promoters

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  • Vision and Purpose
  • Tokenomics
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